What is my pre-paid code?

There are 3 types of codes...

1. Paid for scan(s) AFTER 13th August 2014

  • The code is the same as the "Order Number" on your email receipt - but omit all the zero's (00022379 = 22379).

2. Paid for scan(s) BEFORE 13th August 2014

  • Enter your full name in CAPITAL LETTERS with no space between as the code - eg:  FREDJONES.

3. Paid for scan(s) using the current booking system

  • Purchased scans have a code like this .... D0D40F99

Using scans purchased by others 

  • If you are sharing scans, you need the code the purchaser was sent when they paid .
  • All bookings are made in your own name - not the person who gave you the scan.
  • Be aware that if you choose the "DEXA + CONSULT" appointment option, then 2 scan credits will be used up - If you have a code from a personal trainer, make sure you have permission to use 2 (most likely you would have only paid for 1).

About missed appointments

You will be sent an email confirming the appointment. It's very easy to reschedule or cancel via the link in the email.

Failure to cancel at least 1 hour prior to your appointment time will result in forfeiting your payment/scan credit.

  • Any problems or questions, contact us at :  info@bodyscan.com.au