• 30 mins total.
  • A detailed review of your results, using them as a basis for a weight loss discussion with Dr Shaw.
  • Only at the CBD location (not mobile).
  • Suitable for your first scan only.
  • Repeat scans come with a brief result discussion.
  • This appointment type is NOT suitable for athletes and bodybuilders as it is a weight loss type appointment with Dr Shaw which attracts a Medicare rebate.
  • Bookings are still made online but payment is at the practice.
  • Use this code CONSULT when booking so no payment online is required.
  • Results are also emailed within 30 mins (usually sooner).


  • with $71-70 rebate back from Medicare - actual cost of $127-30.


  • 15 mins total.
  • Scan with results explained afterwards. 
  • Payment is required online before an appointment can be scheduled.
  • A detailed explanation of all the data (an example - not your data) is emailed along with your results. In addition, a link to videos of Dr Shaw discussing the scan data and what it all means is emailed to you after the scan (not the video on this page).
  • Results are emailed within 30 mins (usually sooner).
  • All the data including RMR and calorie requirements are included - there is no extra fee for this.

Note Expiration Dates: 

All scans expire at the end of the quarter - Spring on 23 Dec 2016, Summer on 31 Mar 2017, Autumn on 30 Jun 2017, Winter on 29 Sep 2017.

Scans may be shared. This is done by sharing the code received (via email) after purchase.

Single - $99

2 Pack - $158 ($79 ea)

3 Pack - $177 ($59 ea)


Business Wholesale Deals

  • For personal trainers, gyms.
  • Details HERE

About Booking an Appointment

  • All bookings are made ONLINE - which requires payment first (or a pre-paid code).

  • Booking and Payment CANNOT be made at the time of the scan at the practice or anytime over the phone.

  • If there are any problems you can call 03 9098 7480 (M-F 8:30 am to 6pm or email info@bodyscan.com.au anytime.

  • Purchased scans may be shared with others (code required).

  • Purchased scans expire at the end of the "season" in which they were purchased.