Case Study 4 - 30 year old female body builder


It is instructive for those intending to enter a contest to see how others have gone about it. This is a 4 month cutdown shown above. The last measurement was taken the day before the (figure) contest.

Note the 1.3 kg fat loss in the last 9 days! **

This is the preparation for the second contest. Note she was always about 1 kg of fat behind where she was the previous time, and indeed the final result reflects this. Although it's only 1 kg fat difference, in elite sport this is enough to affect the result.**


This is the third contest preparation. This time she managed to reproduce her first result.

One benefit of recording your data when you are competing and intend to compete again, is to get an objective measurement of where you ended up the last time and then aim to get back to that or better depending on the first result.

See below for the graphical summary of fat loss over the 3 contest preparations.**


** Results may vary based on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to their program. The weight loss results described are not typical for every individual.