Case Study 3 - 33 year old female losing fat


Over an 8 month period this 33 year old female lost a remarkable 25.6 kg of fat. She has moved down from morbidly obese to now being in her healthy fat range.**

This has been achieved by completing the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation ( ) three times.

It is quite possible for her to get down to the bottom end of her "lean green" zone. For her this equates to about 11.5 kg of fat. This means another 9 kg of fat to lose. The bottom of the lean zone usually equates to no visible yellow on the trunk above the hips on the image. Whether she wants to go the whole way, or is happy somewhere in between is up to her, but it's quite within reason to aim for this point.**


Because we know the number of calories in a kg of fat (7700), the amount of fat lost and the number of days between measurements we can work out her average calorie deficit (see below) over the two periods in question. During the first 84 days she ate 1032 calories less than she burned on average. This results in a fat loss rate of about 1 kg per week.** This is seen quite frequently in those that have a lot of fat to lose. The closer anyone gets to being lean, the harder it becomes to lose fat at a rapid rate - even when they replicate what they did when they lost fat quickly. This is part of the challenge to get lean and stay that way. Doing the same thing usually still results in fat loss, only at a slower rate. Indeed, the rate during the second period was slower, although still very good.**

Her challenge now is to continue doing what she has been doing until she gets down to where she wants. 


** Results may vary based on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to their program. The weight loss results described are not typical for every individual.