Usually $89

Only for your FIRST DEXA scan, NOT FOR REPEAT CLIENTS ( you will be charged the difference at the time if you use this code ).


Choose SINGLE "Buy Now for $89", enter code in advertisement into "Coupon box" then click "Update", price will change from $89 to $49.

You will be sent an email with a link and code which enables you to schedule your appointment on our calendar. 

  • 10 mins total.
  • Scan only. 
  • Scans may be done at our CBD location or in our Mobile DEXA Lab at various locations around Melbourne.
  • A detailed explanation of all the data (an example - not your data) is emailed along with your results. In addition, a link to videos of Dr Shaw discussing a sample scan data and what it all means is emailed to you after the scan.
  • Results are emailed within 30 mins (usually sooner).
  • All the data including RMR and calorie requirements are included - there is no extra fee for this.

About Booking an Appointment

  • All bookings are made ONLINE - which requires payment first (or a pre-paid code).

  • Booking and Payment CANNOT be made at the time of the scan at the practice .

  • If there are any problems you can call 03 9098 7480 (M-F 8:30 am to 6pm or email info@bodyscan.com.au anytime.

  • Purchased scans are valid for 5 years.