We are excited to announce that from March 6th 2018 Body Scan is merging with MeasureUp to become MeasureUp Melbourne CBD. Most importantly, you gain a new state of the art DEXA and MeasureUp’s 9 plus years of scanning experience.

MeasureUp pioneered DEXA body composition scans to the Australian public in 2006 and they are the leading provider of DEXA body composition scans in Australia. Originating in Sydney, MeasureUp has now grown to 2 fixed sites and 11 mobile labs around the country and we are excited to work together to provide you with the gold standard in body composition measurement.

Scans will take place in the same room, in the same location (200 Queen Street) but there are some exciting changes.

Due to the upgrades, the DEXA scanning room will be closed from 24/02/18 – 05/03/18. Bookings can be made for Tuesday 6th March onwards by clicking here . A GP referral is still required for DEXA body composition scans and this is available automatically through the new booking system. Scanning will be available from 8:30am until 5:15pm Monday to Friday.

MeasureUp offer 3 types of appointments;

    1. scanQUICK: 15 minute appointment best for those that have already had a DEXA previously, are part of a challenge, or for those referred by a professional (e.g. GP, dietician or personal trainer). This appointment involves a total body DEXA scan, a discussion of your results highlighting the main points on the report and any changes that have occurred from your previous DEXA scan. This includes full macronutrient recommendations, estimation of resting metabolic rate (RMR) and a printed PDF of your report to keep.
    2. scanPLUS: 30 minute appointment recommended for those having a scan for the first time & might not be referred by a professional. This appointment involves a total body DEXA scan, as well as an extra consultation with our accredited exercise physiologist. This consultation provides a thorough explanation of your scan, plus an in depth discussion regarding health goals, ideal weight and composition changes as well as detailed macronutrient recommendations and exercise advice. This includes estimation of resting metabolic rate (RMR) and a printed PDF of your report to keep.
    3. Bone Density scan 15 minute appointment to measure bone density of the lumbar spine and femoral neck, requiring a GP referral with Medicare item number.


The scanQUICK appointments are $90. The scanPLUS appointments are $160 and Bone Density scans are bulk billed with a Medicare item number from your GP.  

MeasureUp employs an accredited exercise physiologist so you can now claim the consult portion of your scan from your private health fund (depending on your level of cover). On the day of your scan you will be given a printed receipt which you can then send to your health fund to claim for an exercise physiology appointment (item number 202).

If you would like any more information please check MeasureUp’s website

Should you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact MeasureUp directly on 1800 10 11 63.